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Tirolia  GmbH
Tiroliaweg 1
D-54597 Seiwerath
Tel.: (0 65 53) 27 34
Fax: (0 65 53) 20 90

Tradition and Technology: The Wood building art newly discovered.

Traditional styles combined harmoniously with the New. Our architects and designers have accomplished that. If you take the TIROLER SCHLOSS with the corner option, straight modern balcony structure and the new line of windows – New Style Log Homes are modern.

NEW Style
House Palazzo House Palazzo               
House Spittal Corner Option House Spittal Corner Option
House St. Thomas House St. Thomas                   

On one hand Log houses have a long tradition and that is fine that way. All around solid wood, that lives and breathes with you. Wood is the medium of modern architecture. Knowledge of up to date insulation, the most modern window and door technology are part of a TIROLIA Log house.

Your trip in economical times: With the Energy saver package from TIROLIA.
Wood is a special building material. No other material can combine firmness, durability and superior insulation as well as wood. To have the same insulation factor as a 24 cm thick solid pine wall, you’d have to build a brick wall of 92 cm thick.

In 1995 the Insulation standards where revised to a much higher standard. With the TIROLIA Log house you not only comply with these standards, they are surpassed immensely. If you wish, your New Style log home can be made into an energy - efficient home.

Log Homes New Style >> House Palazzo

House Palazzo

Log house construction from the finest:

  • 120mm glued log walls and TIROLER SCHLOSS
  • Windows with colored frames
  • White stucco areas in the log wall

Price option
Living space: ca. 127 m² 
Price: Please inquire Offer

Floor plan
Top level
Ground level

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Log Homes New Style >> House Spittal Corner Option

House Spittal Corner Option

Times change. The good stays … or even gets better.

In the past 25 years TIROLIA has developed itself into the leading Log home company. An essential component of our company’s philosophy is to be open to the modern and individual taste of the homeowner. We are abreast of the constant changes in building and construction techniques.

We present you with NEW STYLE:

  • Modern architecture with superior quality
  • Ergonomically designed layouts
  • New wall and window designs in modern attractive colors

Price option
Living space: Basic version approx. 110 m² 
Price: Please inquire Offer (Basic version) 

Floor plan
Top level
Ground floor

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Log Homes New Style >> House St. Thomas

House St. Thomas

A proven convenient and compact layout, that proclaims extraordinary living. Extra attention was placed on the flow to the Living, dining and kitchen areas; even a pantry is included.

An expensive basement could be excluded, if the laundry room was placed in the first floor in place of an office (A furnace could be located inside the bathroom.

The compact size and the exclusion of a basement offer the largest cost savings, still spacious enough for a family of 3-5.

Price option
Living space:

approx. 150 m²

Price: Please inquire Offer

Floor plan
Ground level
Top level

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